Pakistan mango’s are still in season and they are great for the following recipe.

Kow Neuw Moon is a classical Thai dessert, very famous and loved!

Recipe for 4 persons:
1 cup glutinous rice
1 cup coconut cream
pinch of salt
2 tblspn sugar
1 mango, peeled and sliced (Thai Nam dok Mai or Pakistan Mango are the best)

Soak the glutinous rice in cold water for minimal 2 hours to overnight. Steam the rice in a with cloth lined steambasket for 30-45 minutes, depending on the time you presoaked the rice. Bring the coconut cream with a bit salt and sugar to boil. When it starts boiling take it of the heat and pour 3/4 of it on top of the rice. Stir it in lightly. Divide the rice over bowls and place the sliced mango’s on top. Top off with the rest of the coconut cream.