Beer, wine & distilled

Bier, saké en rijstwijn - Dun Yong heeft ze in huis

Wie kent ze niet, de beroemde Aziatische bieren? Of anders saké en pruimenwijn. Ze ontbreken niet in het assortiment van Dun Yong. Net zo min als de sterke dranken.

Beer, wine & distilled

From Thai beer to Japanese whisky

Famous brands: the Thai Singha, the Vietnamese Saigon, the Japanese Hitachino, Asahi and Sapporo, the Indonesian Bintang and the Chinese Tsingtao. In our webshop we offer next to these beers we also offer other alcoholic beverages like the famous Japanese whiskies.

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  1. Junmai Sake 14.5% (Ozeki) 750ml
    Sake (OZ) 750ml
    € 8,75
  2. Junmai Sake 14.5% (Ozeki) 375ml
    Sake (OZ) 375ml
    € 4,95
  3. Junmai Sake 14.5% (Ozeki) 1.5L
    Sake (OZ) 1.5L
    € 15,75
  4. Hana Awaka Sparkling Sake 7% (Ozeki) 250ml
    Hana Awaka (OZ) 250ml
    € 6,05
  5. Yuzu Sake (Nakashima Jozo) 720ml
    Yuzu Sake (NJ) 720ml
    € 32,95
    Out of stock
  6. Karakuchi Gold Honjozo Sake Set (Masumi) 180ml
    Karakuchi Set (MSM) 180ml
    € 9,95
  7. Tokusen Honjozo Sake (Masumi) 300ml
    Tokusen Sake (MSM) 300ml
    € 7,95
  8. Tokusen Honjozo Sake (Masumi) 720ml
    Tokusen Sake (MSM) 720ml
    € 24,95
  9. Yawaraka Type-1 Junmai Ginjo Sake (Masumi) 720ml
    Yawaraka T-1 (MSM) 720ml
    € 21,95
  10. Karakuchi Ki-Ippon Junmai Ginjo Sake (Masumi) 300ml
    Ki-Ippon (MSM) 300ml
    € 11,95
  11. Karakuchi Ki-Ippon Junmai Ginjo Sake (Masumi) 720ml
    Ki-Ippon (MSM) 720ml
    € 27,95
  12. Sanka Junmai Daiginjo Sake (Masumi) 720ml
    Sanka (MSM) 720ml
    € 49,95
  13. Hyakumansan Sake (Tedorigawa) 720ml
    Hyakumansan (TGD) 720ml
    € 42,95
    Out of stock
  14. Jozen Junmai Ginjo Nama Sake (Shirataki) 300ml
    Jozen Nama (ST) 300ml
    € 7,95
  15. Jozen Junmai Ginjo Nama Sake (Shirataki) 720ml
    Jozen Nama (ST) 720ml
    € 19,95
  16. Jozen Junmai Ginjo Nigori Sake (Shirataki) 720ml
    Jozen Nigori (ST) 720ml
    € 19,95
    Out of stock
  17. Jozen Green Junmai Sake Can (Shirataki) 180ml
    Jozen Green Can (ST) 180ml
    € 3,95
    Out of stock
  18. Jozen Green Junmai Sake (Shirataki) 300ml
    Jozen Green (ST) 300ml
    € 6,75
    Out of stock
  19. Junmai Sake (Shirataki) 1.8L
    Junmai Sake (ST) 1.8L
    € 22,95
    Out of stock
  20. Jozen Aqua Junmai Sake (Shirataki) 720ml
    Jozen Aqua Sake (ST) 720ml
    € 16,95
    Out of stock
  21. Jozen Pink Junmai Ginjo Matured Sake (Shirataki) 180ml
    Jozen Pink (ST) 180ml
    € 4,95
    Out of stock
  22. Jozen Pink Junmai Ginjo Matured Sake (Shirataki) 300ml
    Jozen Pink (ST) 300ml
    € 9,95
  23. Jozen Pink Junmai Ginjo Matured Sake (Shirataki) 1.8L
    Jozen Pink (ST) 1.8L
    € 44,95
    Out of stock
  24. Classic Red Junmai Sake (Shirataki) 300ml
    Classic Red (ST) 300ml
    € 5,95
    Out of stock
  25. Classic Red Junmai Sake (Shirataki) 720ml
    Classic Red (ST) 720ml
    € 15,95
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Asian drinks: for parties, dinner or later in the evening

Asian drinks serve all sorts of purposes. Use them as an aperitif, for during dinner of after. Asian beer are great for parties of with a stir-fry dish. Of course, Japanese sake is world famous and needs no introduction. Perfect to go with a meal. Dun Yong sells all the different types and flavours: from sweet to sparkling. The same Japan is also known for their world famous whiskies. Single malt or blended, find them in our webshop. Also available are Chinese, Korean and Thai spirits, like rum, whisky, liqueur and Mehkong, The Spirit of Thailand. Plenty of choice for someone looking to try something else.

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