Bites & dessert

Bij Dun Yong kan je Aziatische hapjes en desserts bestellen

Wil je Aziatische hapjes bestellen? Of Aziatische desserts? Dun Yong heeft alles in huis: van loempia’s tot en met ijs.

Bites & dessert

From steamed buns to layer cake

Spring rolls, dumplings and steamed buns. Many different ice creams, mango rice desserts and of course layer cake. You can order many bites and desserts from different Asian countries at the Dun Yong webshop.

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  1. Vegan Passion fruit Mango Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Passionfrt Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 6,95
  2. Honey Pistachio Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Pistachio Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 6,95
  3. Black Espresso Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Espresso Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 6,95
  4. Salted Caramel Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Caramel Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 6,95
  5. Strawberries and Cream Ice Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Strw Cream Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 6,95
  6. Grass Jelly Drink (Yeo's) 300ml
    Grass Jelly (Y) 300ml
    € 1,15
  7. Vietnamese Spring Roll with Chicken 12pcs (Asian Food) 780g
    Spring Roll (AFD) 780g
    € 7,46
  8. BBQ Chicken Bun (TDS) 300g
    BBQ Chicken Bun (TDS) 300g
    € 3,55
  9. Korean Beef Bulgogi Dumpling (Bibigo) 600g
    Bulgogi Dumplng (BBG) 600g
    € 7,95
    Out of stock
  10. Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Bun (SMH) 240g
    Custard Bun (SMH) 240g
    € 5,09
  11. Vegetable Spring Roll 10pcs (Delico) 380g
    Veg. Spring Roll (DC) 380g
    € 5,75
  12. Vegetarian Rice Net Spring Roll 12pcs (Exostar) 250g
    Rice Net Roll (EX) 250g
    € 3,65
  13. Vegetable Kimchi Dumpling 50pcs (Allgroo) 675g
    Kimchi Dumpling (AG) 675g
    € 4,55
  14. Tsingtao Vegetarian Spring Roll 60pcs (Asian Cuisine) 900g
    Tsingtao Rolls (AC) 900g
    € 2,98
    Out of stock
  15. Sui Gau Shrimp Dumpling 40pcs (Delico) 600g
    Sui Gau (DC) 600g
    € 13,80
  16. Sui Gau Shrimp Dumpling (Shui Kouw) 10pcs (Delico) 150g
    Sui Gau 10pcs (DC) 150g
    € 3,60
  17. Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf Chicken 2pcs (Delico) 320g
    Sticky Rice Chkn (DC) 320g
    € 4,75
  18. Siu Mai Pastry 48pcs (Lee's) 960g
    Siu Mai (L) 960g
    € 11,05
  19. Xialong Bao Pork Dumplings 12pcs (Delico) 360g
    Xialong Bao (DC) 360g
    € 4,45
  20. Xialong Bao Pork Dumplings 26pcs (Delico) 900g
    Xialong Bao (DC) 900g
    € 9,20
  21. Shrimp Lucky Bag 20pcs (Exostar) 400g
    Shrimp Lucky Bag (EX) 400g
    € 7,15
  22. Roti Paratha Plain (Spring Home) 320g
    Roti Paratha (SH) 320g
    € 1,80
  23. Roasted Pork Steam Bun 6pcs (Delico) 270g
    Cha Siu Bun (DC) 270g
    € 3,55
  24. Pork and Vegetable Steam Bun 6pcs (Delico) 270g
    Pork Veg. Bun (DC) 270g
    € 3,55
  25. Peking Duck Boneless (Lucky Duck) 581-640g
    Peking Duck (LD) 581g
    € 10,23
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Spring rolls to go with drinks and maccha ice cream as dessert

The bites we have are excellent for a get together, to go with drinks, as appetizers or with main courses. Korean dumplings for example. Spring rolls – vegetarian, chicken or with pork – are a real Asian classic which you can find in our webshop. And for dessert we have many ice creams flavours like mango, lychee and coconut. If you want more exotic ice cream you van try our maccha, black or white sesame ice cream. We also have ice cream mochi, balls made with glutinous rice filled with different flavours of ice cream. With Dun Yong you can enjoy Asian bites and desserts to the fullest.

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