Bites & dessert

Bij Dun Yong kan je Aziatische hapjes en desserts bestellen

Wil je Aziatische hapjes bestellen? Of Aziatische desserts? Dun Yong heeft alles in huis: van loempia’s tot en met ijs.

Bites & dessert

From steamed buns to layer cake

Spring rolls, dumplings and steamed buns. Many different ice creams, mango rice desserts and of course layer cake. You can order many bites and desserts from different Asian countries at the Dun Yong webshop.

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  1. Takoyaki Octopus Balls 20pcs (Hokkai Suisan) 400g
    Takoyaki (HS) 400g
    € 9,45
  2. Chinese Sliced Buns Large 10pcs (Akaya) 500g
    Sliced Buns L (AKY) 500g
    € 4,50
  3. Gyoza Ebi MSG-Free 50pcs (JapCook) 1kg
    Gyoza Ebi (JC) 1kg
    € 17,40
  4. Rice Dumpling Vegetarian MSG-Free 4pcs (Akaya) 500g
    Rice Dumpling V (AKY) 500g
    € 8,18
    Out of stock
  5. Chestnut Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Chest. Ice Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 6,12
    Out of stock
  6. Sruut Cendol Dessert Powder Pandan Flavor (Mr.Food) 100g
    Cendol Pandan (MF) 100g
    € 1,60
  7. Yaki Tsukune Spicy Chicken Skewer 40pcs (JapCook) 1.6kg
    Yaki Tsukune Spicy 1.6kg
    € 28,79
  8. Yakitori Chicken Sweet Soy 50pcs CN (EC) 1.5kg
    Yakitori CN (EC) 1.5kg
    € 14,50
  9. Tempura Ebi 10pcs (Akaya) 155g
    Tempura Ebi (AKY) 155g
    € 2,83
  10. Cha Ha Yun Fish Ball 12pcs (Dim Sum Chef) 417g
    Cha Ha Yun (DSC) 12pcs
    € 10,03
  11. Gyoza Duck 25pcs (Dim Sum Chef) 750g
    Gyoza Duck (DSC) 25pcs
    € 18,55
  12. Chocolate Sushi Maki and Nigiri Combo 12pcs (GPS) 220g
    Chocolate Sushi (GPS) 220g
    € 6,07
    Out of stock
  13. Sesame Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Sesame Ice Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 6,95
    Out of stock
  14. Seaweed Roll Green Pepper Flavor (Sura) 500g
    Seaweed Roll (SR) 500g
    € 8,20
  15. Green Tea Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Maccha Ice Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 7,10
    Out of stock
  16. Mango Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Mango Ice Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 7,10
  17. Coconut Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Coco Ice Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 6,50
  18. Raspberry Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Rasp. Ice Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 6,95
    Out of stock
  19. Vanilla Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Vanil. Ice Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 7,10
  20. Seafood Deli Money Bag 45pcs (SM) 800g
    Seafood Deli (SM) 800g
    € 13,73
  21. Shanghai Dumpling Fish MSG-Free 35pcs (Akaya) 630g
    Dumpling Fish (AKY) 630g
    € 15,17
    Out of stock
  22. Siu Mai Chicken 35pcs (Akaya) 630g BBD 08-20
    SiuMai Chicken 630g aug-20
    € 14,65
  23. Shanghai Dumpling Pork MSG-Free 35pcs (Akaya) 630g
    Dumpling Pork (AKY) 630g
    € 14,14
  24. Siu Mai Veal 35pcs (Akaya) 630g BBD 05-20
    Siu Mai Veal 630g BBD05-20
    € 14,86
  25. Shanghai Bun MSG-Free 6pcs (Akaya) 300g BBD 04-20
    Shanghai Bun 300g Apr-20
    € 5,91
    Out of stock
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Items 76-100 of 198

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Spring rolls to go with drinks and maccha ice cream as dessert

The bites we have are excellent for a get together, to go with drinks, as appetizers or with main courses. Korean dumplings for example. Spring rolls – vegetarian, chicken or with pork – are a real Asian classic which you can find in our webshop. And for dessert we have many ice creams flavours like mango, lychee and coconut. If you want more exotic ice cream you van try our maccha, black or white sesame ice cream. We also have ice cream mochi, balls made with glutinous rice filled with different flavours of ice cream. With Dun Yong you can enjoy Asian bites and desserts to the fullest.

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