Dried food

Dun Yong heeft een rijke voorraad aan gedroogde voeding

De webshop van Dun Yong heeft verschillende soorten gedroogd voedsel in huis. Van fruit tot en met paddenstoelen.

Dried food

Dried food: from fruits to vegetables

Looking to prepare an Asian dish with dried beans? Or perhaps a meal with dried vegetables? Or maybe you need some other dried goods? In the Dun Yong webshop you will find a wide variety in dried food.

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  1. Agar-Agar Powder (Golden Cup) 50g
    Agar-Agar (GC) 50g
    € 3,86
    Out of stock
  2. Dried Star Anise (Golden Lion) 100g
    Star Anise (GLN) 100g
    € 2,05
  3. Dried Pearl Barley San Yi Mite (Golden Lily) 200g
    Pearl Barley San (GL) 200g
    € 2,25
  4. Luo Han Kuo Whole (Golden Lion) 4pcs
    Luo Han Kuo (GLN) 4pcs
    € 2,73
  5. Krupuk Udang 5x19cm (Ambition) 500g
    Krupuk Udang (AB) 500g
    € 3,34
  6. Dried Rosebud Flower (Eaglobe Brand) 65g
    Dried Rosebud (EB) 65g
    € 2,93
    Out of stock
  7. Dried Lily Flower (Golden Lily) 100g
    Lily Flower (GL) 100g
    € 3,50
    Out of stock
  8. Dried Lily Bulb (Pak-Hop) (Golden Lily) 100g
    Lily Bulb (GL) 100g
    € 3,35
  9. Dried Hoantchy Root (Bak Kei) (Golden Lily) 100g
    Hoantchy Root (GL) 100g
    € 3,80
  10. Dried Dioscorea (Golden Lily) 100g
    Dioscorea (GL) 100g
    € 3,00
  11. Bean Curd Sheets (Dali) 250g
    Bean Curd Sheets (DL) 250g
    € 4,85
  12. Dried Apricot Seed South (Golden Lily) 113g
    Apricot Seed S (GL) 113g
    € 2,55
  13. Dried Black Moss Fat Choy (Golden Lily) 30g
    Dried Black Moss (GL) 30g
    € 6,95
  14. Tapioca Pearl (Cock Brand) 400g
    Tapioca Pearl (CB) 400g
    € 1,23
    Out of stock
  15. Dried Apricot Seed North (Golden Lily) 100g
    Apricot Seed N (GL) 100g
    € 2,95
  16. Dried Chrysanthemum (Golden Lion) 100g
    Chrysanthemum (GLN) 100g
    € 3,35
  17. Dried Lotus Seed (Golden Lion) 170g
    Lotus Seed (GLN) 170g
    € 5,50
  18. Dried Cauguo Cardamom (Golden Lily) 100g
    Cardamom (GL) 100g
    € 6,12
  19. Dried Fox Nuts (Chi Sat) (Golden Lily) 100g
    Fox Nuts (GL) 100g
    € 3,34
  20. Dried Garlic Flakes (Ambition) 1kg
    Garlic Flakes (AB) 1kg
    € 7,75
  21. Dried Dong Sum Root Codonopsis Radix (Golden Lily) 100g
    Codonopsis Radix (GL) 100g
    € 7,46
  22. Dried Licorice Slices (Golden Lily) 50g
    Licorice Slices (GL) 50g
    € 1,34
    Out of stock
  23. Dried Pearl Barley Yeung Yi Mite (Golden Lily) 200g
    Pearl Barley (GL) 200g
    € 1,40
  24. Dried Lotus Seed Half (Hoy-Bin) (Golden Lily) 100g
    Lotus Seed Half (GL) 100g
    € 2,52
  25. Dried Chrysanthemum (Golden Lion) 50g
    Chrysanthemum (GLN) 50g
    € 3,05
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Dried food fits perfectly with Asian dishes

Dun Yong offers a large choice of dried beans: like soy beans, black beans, azuki beans (red beans) and mung beans. Great for making tofu, a sweet bean snack of sweet bean paste. Our dried mushrooms and fungi are perfect for an Asian soup. Or for stir-fry dishes: healthy and nutritious. Asia has a long history in dried vegetables, which are available in our webshop. Just like dried fruit, delicious as a snack or replacement for candy. You can also buy many other dried food at our webshop.

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