Herbs & spices

Aziatische kruiden en specerijen kopen? Ga naar Dun Yong

Om een Aziatisch gerecht extra smaak te geven kan je in de webshop van Dun Yong verschillende soorten kruiden en specerijen kopen.

Herbs & spices

From coriander to curry paste

At Dun Yong you can buy herbs and spices from many different Asian countries. In our webshop we sell fresh and dried herbs and spices, whole and in powder form. From coriander to curry paste.

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  1. Yellow Curry Paste (Aroy-D) 400g
    Yellow Curry (AD) 400g
    € 2,80
  2. Curry Powder Djawa (TDY) 100g
    Curry Djawa (TDY) 100g
    € 1,85
  3. Vegetarian Instant Curry (Kong Yen) 220g
    Vegetarian Curry (KY) 220g
    € 3,80
  4. Indian Instant Curry (Kong Yen) 220g
    Indian Curry (KY) 220g
    € 3,85
  5. Thai Red Curry Kaang Daeng (Asian Home Gourmet) 50g
    Red Curry (AHG) 50g
    € 1,55
    Out of stock
  6. Thai Green Curry Kaang Kiew Wan (Asian Home Gourmet) 50g
    Green Curry (AHG) 50g
    € 1,45
  7. Singapore Laksa Curry Noodles (Asian Home Gourmet) 60g
    Laksa Noodle (AHG) 60g
    € 1,55
  8. Satay Seasoning Mix (Lobo) 400g
    Satay Mix (LB) 400g
    € 4,50
  9. Red Curry Paste (Nittaya) 50g
    Red Curry Paste (NTY) 50g
    € 1,15
  10. Red Curry Paste (Nittaya) 1kg
    Red Curry (NTY) 1kg
    € 10,55
  11. Panang Curry Paste (Nittaya) 50g
    Panang Curry (NTY) 50g
    € 1,30
  12. Panang Curry Paste (Nittaya) 1kg
    Panang Curry (NTY) 1kg
    € 9,20
  13. Massaman Curry Paste (Nittaya) 1kg
    Massaman Curry (NTY) 1kg
    € 15,65
  14. Kari Curry Paste (Indian Style) Yellow (Nittaya) 50g
    Yellow Curry (NTY) 50g
    € 1,35
  15. Kari Yellow Curry Paste (Indian Style) (Nittaya) 1kg
    Yellow Curry (NTY) 1kg
    € 14,10
  16. Indonesian Vegetable Curry Sayur Lodeh (Asian Home Gourmet)
    Sayur Lodeh (AHG) 50g
    € 1,45
  17. Indonesian Rendang Curry Gulai (Asian Home Gourmet) 50g
    Rendang Curry (AHG) 50g
    € 1,45
  18. Indian Madras Chicken Curry (Asian Home Gourmet) 50g
    Madras Curry (AHG) 50g
    € 1,45
    Out of stock
  19. Indian Korma Curry (Asian Home Gourmet) 50g
    Korma Curry (AHG) 50g
    € 1,55
    Out of stock
  20. Green Curry Paste (Nittaya) 50g
    Green Curry (NTY) 50g
    € 1,15
  21. Green Curry Paste (Nittaya) 1kg
    Green Curry (NTY) 1kg
    € 10,40
  22. Golden Curry Sauce Mix Flakes (S&B) 1kg
    Golden Curry (S&B) 1kg
    € 14,91
  23. Curry Powder (Gutruf) 440g
    Curry Powder (GR) 440g
    € 9,00
  24. Masala Curry Powder (MOL) 1kg
    Masala Curry (MOL) 1kg
    € 10,05
  25. Country Style Red Curry (Lobo) 50g
    Red Curry (LB) 50g
    € 0,85
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Herbs and spices: for more spunk or a mellow taste

Herbs and spices enrich every Asian dish. They give the dish more spunk or more of a mellow taste. Vietnam, Thailand, China and Indonesia are known for their many spices like coriander, cumin, white and black pepper, curcuma and chili. But also cinnamon, lemon grass, aniseed, garlic flakes, cardamom and tamarind. We also have herb mixes, instant mixes and flavour enhancers. Curry paste and peanut sauce also belong in our assortment. In addition to those, we also have different Japanese pepper and sesame seeds. We sell different types of sugar from China. If you are looking to buy herbs and spices, shop at Dun Yong.

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