Meat, fish & vegetarian

Vlees, vis, gevogelte en vega: verse, ingevroren of gedroogd

Dun Yong heeft een ruime keuze aan verse, ingevroren, gedroogde en kant-en-klare producten met hun eigen specifieke en unieke smaak.

Meat, fish & vegetarian

From Peking duck to Thai fish cake

In our assortment, you can find dried, instant en frozen meat, fish and vegetarian food fo all Asian cuisines. Not least of which Chinese Peking duck, Indonesian layered cake, Thai and Vietnamese fish cake, shellfish, fish and Japanese vegetables and salads.

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  1. Soft Shell Crab Hotel 70-90 (Kakra) 18pcs
    Soft Crab 70-90 (KK) 1kg
    € 46,50
    Out of stock
  2. Tobiko Red (SM) 500g
    Tobiko Red (SM) 500g
    € 17,95
  3. Naruto Maki (Akaya) 160g
    Naruto Maki (AKY) 160g
    € 2,65
  4. Aka Kamaboko Surimi 59% (Akaya) 160g
    Kamaboko (AKY) 160g
    € 3,85
  5. Tobiko Orange (SM) 500g
    Tobikko Orange (SM) 500g
    € 18,46
  6. Cha Siu Roasted Pork (Kai Food) 1kg
    Cha Siu (KF) 1kg
    € 14,91
  7. Babi Pangang Roasted Pork Belly (Kai Food) 1kg
    Roast Pork Belly (KF) 1kg
    € 14,91
    Out of stock
  8. Dried Shrimps (MOY) 1kg
    Dried Shrimps (MOY) 1kg
    € 41,50
    Out of stock
  9. Dried Shrimp (MOY) 100g
    Dried Shrimp (MOY) 100g
    € 4,95
    Out of stock
  10. Ika Cuttlefish Topping 20pcs (Akaya) 160g
    Ika Topping (AKY) 16g
    € 5,75
  11. Greenshell Mussels Half Shell M (NS) 1kg
    Green Mussels (NS) 1kg
    € 13,95
  12. Frozen Naruto Maki 45% 5pcs (TH) 5x160g
    Naruto Maki (TH) 5x160g
    € 13,95
    Out of stock
  13. Snakeskin Gourami (Asian Pearl) 1kg
    Snake Gourami (AP) 1kg
    € 9,20
  14. Silver Pomfret (Asian Pearl) 1kg
    Silver Pomfret (AP) 1kg
    € 9,45
  15. Silken Tofu T01 (Unicurd) 300g
    Silken Tofu (UC) 300g
    € 1,65
  16. Mori-Nu Silken Tofu Firm Soyabean Curd (Morinaga) 349g
    Silken Tofu Firm (MN) 349g
    € 1,95
  17. Shrimps Peeled And Cooked 71-90 (Asian Pearl) 500g
    Cooked Shrimps (AP) 500g
    € 6,75
  18. Frozen Shrimp Ball (Chiu Chow) 200g
    Shrimpballs (CCH) 200g
    € 3,90
    Out of stock
  19. Sheet Bean Curd Knots (Zhang Xiao Bao) 227gr
    Bean Curd Knots (ZXB) 227g
    € 2,80
  20. Seasoned Cuttlefish White Muc Kho (BDMP) 50g
    Cuttlefish (BDMP) 50g
    € 3,25
  21. Seasoned Cuttlefish Spicy Muc Kho (BDMP) 50g
    Cuttlfish Spicy (BDMP) 50g
    € 6,20
  22. Say Oi Som Fermented Rice Sausage (Oriental Kitchen) 500g
    Say Oi Som (OK) 500g
    € 6,65
    Out of stock
  23. Ribbonfish IQF 50-200 (Caribbean Pearl) 1kg
    Ribbonfish (CP) 1kg
    € 5,91
  24. Pressed Tofu T05 (Unicurd) 300g
    Pressed Tofu (UC) 300g
    € 2,15
  25. Prepack Tofu (Super Tahoe) 1pcs
    Tofu Prepack (ST) 1pcs
    € 1,20
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Our products, all you need to prepare a whole meal

Everything you may need to prepare a full Asian dinner can be bought from us. We have a big selection of dim sum – from pork to shrimp – which you can easily prepare with our bamboo steamers. You can also buy spring rolls from us. We offer Thai and Vietnamese squid, shrimp and sausage and don’t forget about the ingredients for the famous Thai tom yum soup. Furthermore, we also sell everything you need to make your own sushi. Not to forget the high quality vegetarian products from Taiwan, chicken, shrimp, duck made with beans and fungi. We have Asian ice cream in many different flavours like maccha, azuki and yuzu. Enough for a delicious Asian meal.

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