Preserved food

Aziatische conserven, voor bij elk gerecht

Conserven heeft een negatief imago. Maar de kwaliteit van eten in blik gaat er alleen maar op vooruit. Dun Yong heeft prima producten in blik.

Preserved food

Our preserved foods: from seafood to vegetarian

Asians are very familiar with preserved food. From China to Indonesia. Think of seafood, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, vegetarian and other products. You will find them all at the Dun Yong webshop.

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  1. Mat Kimchi Cut Fermented Cabbage (Chongga) 1kg
    Mat Kimchi (CG) 1kg
    € 7,95
    Out of stock
  2. Pickled Green Chili (Fish Well) 260g
    Pickled Chili (FW) 270g
    € 1,80
  3. Fresh Bamboo Shoot Whole (Yutaka) 200g
    Bamboo Shoot (YTK) 200g
    € 2,95
  4. Sweet Corn Kernel (Ligo) 340g
    Corn Kernel (LG) 340g
    € 1,25
  5. Tokyo Takuan Pickled Radish (Daruma Gourmet) 250g
    Takuan (DG) 250g
    € 1,90
    Out of stock
  6. Tianjin Dong Cai Pickled Cababge (Great Wall) 600g
    Tianjin Dong Cai (GW) 600g
    € 3,55
  7. Sweet Corn Cream Style (Del Monte) 418g
    Cream Style Corn (DM) 418g
    € 2,10
  8. Straw Mushrooms Whole (Narcissus) 425g
    Straw Mushroom (NSS) 425g
    € 1,65
  9. Sour Pickled Green Mustard (Leng Heng) 350g
    Pickled Mustard (LH) 350g
    € 1,25
  10. Pickled Sour Bamboo Shoot Slices (Cock Brand) 400g
    Sour Bamboo (CB) 400g
    € 1,75
  11. Seasoned Radish (Fish Well) 80g
    Radish Spicy (FW) 80g
    € 0,45
    Out of stock
  12. Salted Radish (Man Chong Loong) 400g
    Salted Radish (MCL) 400g
    € 2,70
  13. Salted Mustard (Man Chong Loong) 400g
    Salted Mustard (MCL) 400g
    € 3,60
  14. Preserved Vegetable Zha Cai Strips (Fish Well) 80g
    Zha Cai Strips (FW) 80g
    € 0,60
  15. Pres. Vegetable Zha Cai with Bamboo (Fish Well) 80g
    Zha Cai Bamboo (FW) 80g
    € 0,60
  16. Pres. Vegetable Zha Cai with Black Fungus (Fish Well) 80g
    Zha Cai Fungus (FW) 80g
    € 0,60
  17. Preserved Chili Vegetable (Lao Gan Ma) 188g
    Chili Vegetable (LGM) 188g
    € 1,70
    Out of stock
  18. Preserved Cassia Leave (Pantai) 454g
    Cassia Leave (PT) 454g
    € 2,83
    Out of stock
  19. Po-Ku Mushroom Whole (Narcissus) 284g
    Po-Ku Mushrooms (NSS) 284g
    € 1,05
    Out of stock
  20. Fermented Mustard Green (Pigeon) 140g
    Mustard Green (PB) 140g
    € 1,05
  21. Pickled Mango (XO) 454g
    Pickled Mango (XO) 454g
    € 2,40
  22. Pickled Mango with Chili (XO) 100g
    Mango Chili (XO) 100g
    € 1,15
  23. Mixed Pickles (Mixed Ginger) (Mee Chun) 275g
    Mixed Pickles (MC) 275g
    € 2,45
  24. Minced Garlic (Lee Kum Kee) 326g
    Minced Garlic (LKK) 326g
    € 3,50
  25. Mat Kimchi Cut Fermented Cabbage (Chongga) 500g
    Mat Kimchi (CG) 500g
    € 4,80
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Preserved food goes well with salads or desserts as well

Preserved food can be used for Asian dishes like salads, stir-fry dishes or desserts. Think of lychees, pineapple, mushrooms, pickled cabbage, bamboo shoots, chickpeas and baby corn. Some ingredients for Asian recipes are only available as preserved or canned food. Those of you who like small clams or anchovies, can easily order them at our webshop. Preserved food, in cans, jars or vacuum packed, bamboo shoots and pickled garlic, fish and mango, you can find it all at our webshop. And what about pickled chili, pickled ginger or Japanese plums? Bring Asia into your house with our preserved food.

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