Tea & coffee

Aziatische thee en koffie kopen? Dun Yong heeft ze in huis

Azië kent een rijke en unieke thee- en koffiecultuur. Anders dan in het westen. Daarom kan je in onze webshop vele soorten thee en koffie kopen.

Tea & coffee

From Japanese tea to Indonesian coffee

We have Japanese tea: maccha (matcha) and sencha. From China jasmin tea, oolong tea and green and white tea. But you can also buy tea from other Asian countries at Dun Yong. You will also find

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  1. Tokusen Sencha Green Tea (Yama Moto Yama) 1kg
    Tokusen Sencha (YMY) 1kg
    € 2,55
    Out of stock
  2. Green Tea Tea Bag Sencha 16bags (Yama Moto Yama) 32g
    Sencha 16bags (YMY) 32g
    € 5,25
  3. Tokusen Sencha Green Tea (Yama Moto Yama) 1kg
    Sencha (YMY) 1kg
    € 30,33
    Out of stock
  4. Konacha Sushi Bar Green Tea 20bags (Yama Moto Yama) 42g
    Konacha (YMY) 42g
    € 4,88
    Out of stock
  5. Jasmine Tea JT001 20pcs (Sprouting) 40g
    Jasmine Tea (SP) 40g
    € 1,25
  6. Japanese Green Tea Sencha Silver (Uji no Tsuyu) 100g
    Sencha (UNT) 100g
    € 4,65
  7. Japanese Sweet Green Tea Powder (Osaka Gyokuroen) 150g
    Green Tea Mix (OG) 150g
    € 5,60
  8. Hojicha Roasted Green Tea (Yama Moto Yama) 1kg
    Hojicha (YMY) 1kg
    € 16,45
  9. Genmai Cha Tea with Roasted Rice 20bags (Yama Moto Yama) 62g
    Genmai Tea (YMY) 62g
    € 5,09
    Out of stock
  10. Fujian Jasmine Tea  (Sunflower) 1kg
    Jasmine Tea (SF) 1kg
    € 21,75
  11. Sencha Organic Green Tea 15bags (Yutaka) 30g
    Sencha Org (YTK) 30g
    € 2,93
    Out of stock
  12. Heritage Jasmine Tea 25bag (Sosro) 50g
    Jasmine Tea (SSR) 50g
    € 1,65
  13. Senna Herbal Green Tea 15pkt (Fitne) 39.75g
    Senna Green Tea (FN) 40g
    € 4,70
  14. Jasmine Tea (Aha Tee) 50g
    Jasmine Tea (AT) 50g
    € 8,75
  15. Tea Flowers Dong Fang Mei Ren (Aha Tee) 42g
    Tea Flowers (AT) 42g
    € 8,85
  16. Roasted Green Tea Hojicha 20bags (Yama Moto Yama) 40g
    Hoiji Cha (YMY) 40g
    € 4,37
    Out of stock
  17. Chinese Green Tea Gunpowder (CAP) 500g
    Gunpowder (CAP) 500g
    € 7,65
  18. Taiwan Oolong Tea (Aha Tee) 100g
    Oolong Tea TW (AT) 100g
    € 11,95
  19. Green Tea Bi Luo Chun (Aha Tee) 60g
    Green Tea (AT) 60g
    € 8,75
  20. Formosa Green Tea (Hazo) 100g
    Green Tea (HZ) 100g
    € 11,25
  21. Jasmine Green Tea (Hazo) 100g
    Jasmin Green Tea (HZ) 100g
    € 7,50
  22. Green Tea Tea Bag Sencha 20bags (Yama Moto Yama) 42g
    Sencha (YMY) 42g
    € 4,75
    Out of stock
  23. Grinding Green Tea Powder (Hazo) 150g
    Green Tea (HZ) 150g
    € 9,55
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Tea to drink with dim sum and sushi

Tea is not only nice and warming, but also relaxes. Especially the Chinese teas are known for this. Tea is almost always what people drink with Dim Sum. But the Chinese also love to drink tea with breakfast or lunch. In Japan tea (sencha) goes well with sushi. Tea is also perfect for high tea, combining it with other Asian bites. You can find them in our webshop. The tea itself or a fitting Asian tableware set. With all it’s islands, Indonesia is known for their coffee. Each islands has it’s own distinct coffee flavour. Of which Sumatra and Java are the most famous ones. Vietnam and Thailand score well with their instant coffee types. For your tea and coffee needs, Dun Yong is the right place.

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