丸美屋 特ふりおかか

Okaka Bonito Furikake (Marumiya) 1kg

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Brand Marumiya
Chinese name 丸美屋 鲣节香味紫菜松
Allergens eggs, fish, glutamate, gluten, milk, sesame, soybeans, wheat

Ingredients:   sesame seed, shredded bonito (fish), soy powder, sugar, soy sauce (water, soy, wheat, salt, yeast), salt, wheat flour, egg, bonito extract (fish), onion extract, yeast extract, chicken extract, honey, rapeseed oil, fermented seasoning (corn syrup, alcohol, rice, malted rice, salt), palm oil, margarine (milk), red bean paste, soybean oil, seaweed, chicken, lactose (milk), seaweed calcium, skimmed milk, chicken oil, egg yolk oil, flavour enhancer (monosodium glutamate, disodium 5 -ribonucleotides, glycine and sodium glycinate, tartaric acid), colour (alkaline caramel, carotene), sweetener (liquorice extract), anti-oxidant (mixed tocopherol concentrate)

Allergens: eggs, fish, glutamate, gluten, milk, sesame, soybeans, wheat
Nutritional values per100g
Energy2120kJ / 507kcal
Fats30.00 g
    saturated fatty acids4.59 g
Carbohydrates31.00 g
    sugars24.20 g
Protein28.10 g
Salt4.50 g
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