Drinks & juices

Aziatische drankjes en sappen: gezond, smaakvol en verfrissend

Zoek je een verfrissende drank? Of juist iets gezonds? Of een siroop om te mengen? In de webshop van Dun Yong vind je allerlei Aziatische dranken en sappen.

Drinks & juices

From Cream Soda to Young Coconut Juice

The tastiest fruits, supplemented with extraordinary herbs. They form the base of many Asian drinks. This continent is known for it’s many diverse drinks and juices, like Cream Soda, Yuzu Cider or Young Coconut Juice. Full of flavour and healthy.

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  1. Mixed Congee in Syrup (Wu Chung) 380g
    Mixed Congee (WC) 380g
    € 1,95
  2. Mangosteen Nectar (Foco) 350ml
    Mangosteen (FC) 350ml
    € 1,60
  3. M-150 Still Energy Drink (Osotspa) 150ml
    M-150 Drink (OP) 150ml
    € 0,95
  4. Lipovitan-D Energy Drink (Taisho) 100ml
    Lipovitan-D (TS) 100ml
    € 1,25
  5. Tehbotol Jasmine Ice Tea (Sosro) 1L
    Tehbotol (SR) 1L
    € 2,40
  6. Instant Honey Ginger Latte (Gold Kili) 220g
    Ginger Latte (GK) 220g
    € 4,05
    Out of stock
  7. Ice Tea (Kang Shi Fu) 550ml
    Ice Tea (KSF) 550ml
    € 1,03
  8. Herbal Tea (Wang Lao Ji) 310ml
    Herbal Tea (WLJ) 310ml
    € 0,87
    Out of stock
  9. Exotic Rose Syrup (Go Tan) 500ml
    Rose Syrup (GT)  500ml
    € 4,70
  10. Ramune Litchi (Fuji) 200ml
    Ramune Lychee (FJ) 200ml
    € 1,85
  11. Ramune Blueberry (Hatakosen) 200ml
    Ramune Blue. (HKS) 200ml
    € 2,25
    Out of stock
  12. Ramune Melon (Hatakosen) 200ml
    Ramune Melon (HKS) 200ml
    € 1,85
  13. Ramune Strawberry (Hatakosen) 200ml
    Ramune Straw (HKS) 200ml
    € 1,85
    Out of stock
  14. Cream Soda (Schweppes) 330ml
    Cream Soda (SHW) 330ml
    € 1,15
  15. Frozen Yuzu Juice 100% (KR) 1kg
    Froz. Yuzu Juice (KR) 1kg
    € 41,20
    Out of stock
  16. Instant Maccha Latte 10pkt (Gold Kili) 250g
    Maccha Latte (GK) 250g
    € 5,05
  17. Sruut Cendol Dessert Powder Pandan Flavor (Mr.Food) 100g
    Cendol Pandan (MF) 100g
    € 1,60
  18. Melon Soda (Sangaria) 500ml
    Melon Soda (SGR) 500ml
    € 2,45
  19. Coke (Coca-Cola) 330ml
    Coca-Cola (CC) 330ml
    € 1,00
  20. Ion Supply Drink (Pocari Sweat) 245ml
    Pocari Sweat (PS) 245ml
    € 2,20
    Out of stock
  21. Dieters' Drink 30pkt (Natural Leaf) 60g
    Dieters Drink (NL) 60g
    € 3,75
    Out of stock
  22. Red Grape & Rooibos (Mangajo) 250ml
    Grape Rooibos (MGJ) 250ml
    € 1,75
  23. Goji-berry & Green Tea (Mangajo) 250ml
    Goji Green Tea (MGJ) 250ml
    € 1,75
  24. Acai-berry & Green Tea (Mangajo) 250ml
    Acai Green Tea (MGJ) 250ml
    € 1,75
  25. Pomegranate & Green Tea (Mangajo) 250ml
    Pomegr. Gr Tea (MGJ) 250ml
    € 1,85
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Refreshing during hot summer days

Many Asian drinks have come to the Netherlands the past years, like ice tea, ginger drinks, like ginger beer or ginger ale. In particular popular in Indonesia and China. The original brands can be bought at our webshop. From Thailand and Vietnam we offer authentic drinks like plain coconut juice or with pineapple, mango or lychee juice, green tea in combination with goji, acai berry or pomegranate. Besides those, we also have energy drinks and powdered drinks. We also have the famous Thai Blue Boy Brand Cream Soda Syrup. Just add water for a nice and refreshing drink during a hot day.

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