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  1. Empty Tea Bags 60pcs
    Empty Tea bags 60pcs
    € 3,95
  2. Take-Away Soy Bottle Tare/L 30ml (DYFS) 50pcs
    Take-Away Soy Bottle 30ml
    € 7,95
  3. Sushi Take-Away Tray Chunyu 28.4x28.4cm OK-23 (Hiro) 15pcs
    Take-Away Tray OK-23
    € 19,50
    Out of stock
  4. Take-Away Poke Bowl Set 460ml HS-01 (DYFS)
    Take-Away Poke Bowl HS-01
    € 10,75
  5. Sushi Take-Away Tray Set XS HP-01 170x90mm (DYFS) 50set
    Take-Away Tray HP-01
    € 7,95
  6. Sushi Take-Away Tray Set M HP-03 160x115mm (DYFS) 50set
    Take-Away Tray HP-03
    € 9,50
  7. Sushi Take-Away Tray Set L HP-05 185x130mm (DYFS) 50set
    Take-Away Tray HP-05
    € 11,00
  8. Sushi Take-Away Tray Set Jumbo HP-09 240x150mm (DYFS) 50set
    Take-Away Tray HP-09
    € 16,00
  9. Sushi Take-Away Tray Set XL HP-07 220x135mm (DYFS) 50set
    Take-Away Tray HP-07
    € 13,00
  10. Bento Take-Away Box Set HP-70 230x170mm (DYFS) 50set
    Bento Tray HP-70
    € 17,50
  11. Sushi Take-Away Platter 28cm HP-61 25set (DYFS)
    Take-Away Platter HP-61
    € 19,00
    Out of stock
  12. Sushi Take-Away Platter 33cm HP-63 25set (DYFS)
    Take-Away Platter HP-63
    € 26,00
  13. Sushi Take-Away Tray Set HP-00 140x80mm (DYFS) 50set
    Take-Away Tray HP-00
    € 6,75
  14. Bento Take-Away Box HP-74 270x210x50mm 50set (DYFS) 50set
    Bento Take-Away Box HP-74
    € 25,00
  15. Sushi Take-Away Tray Set XJ HP-11 250x170mm (DYFS) 50set
    Take-Away Tray HP-11
    € 24,00
  16. Sushi Take-Away Tray Set S HP-02 220x90mm (DYFS) 50set
    Take-Away Tray HP-02
    € 8,95
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16 Items

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