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  1. Cha Siu Roasted Pork (Kai Food) 1kg
    Cha Siu (KF) 1kg
    € 20,95
  2. Babi Pangang Roasted Pork Belly (Kai Food) 1kg
    Roast Pork Belly (KF) 1kg
    € 22,75
  3. Say Oi Som Fermented Rice Sausage (Oriental Kitchen) 500g
    Say Oi Som (OK) 500g
    € 6,65
    Out of stock
  4. Premium Luncheon Meat (Maling) 340g
    Luncheon Meat (ML) 340g
    € 3,05
  5. Peking Duck Boneless (Lucky Duck) 581-640g
    Peking Duck (LD) 581g
    € 11,50
  6. Nem Chua Vietnamese Sausage (Oriental Kitchen) 200g
    Nem Chua (OK) 200g
    € 5,35
  7. Lap-Xuong Mei Kuei Lu Chiew Sausage (Oriental Kitchen) 500g
    Chinese Sausage (OK) 500g
    € 9,50
    Out of stock
  8. Say Kor Lao Laotian Lemon Grass Sausages (Oriental Kitchen)
    Laotian Sausage (OK) 380g
    € 6,25
  9. Gio So Mot Sausage (Oriental Kitchen) 500g
    Gio So Mot (OK) 500g
    € 6,90
  10. Gio Bi Sausage (Oriental Kitchen) 500g
    Gio Bi Sausage (OK) 500g
    € 5,55
  11. Frozen Duck Tongue Jumbo Size (Lucky Duck) 500g
    Duck Tongue (LD) 500g
    € 9,75
  12. Shrimp Paste Luncheon Meat (Golden Bridge) 340g
    Shrmp Lunch Meat (GB) 340g
    € 4,06
    Out of stock
  13. Ma La Luncheon Meat (Golden Bridge) 340g
    Spicy Lunch Meat (GB) 340g
    € 4,06
    Out of stock
  14. Frozen Chicken Feet (DK) 1kg
    Chicken Feet (DK) 1kg
    € 3,60
  15. Chinese Style Sausages Lap Cheong (S. Khonkaen) 360g
    Lap Cheong (SKK) 360g
    € 9,40
  16. Beef Meat Ball with Nerve (Oriental Kitchen) 500g
    Beef Ball (OK) 500g
    € 7,75
  17. Chinese Style Pork Sausage (Wing Wing) 454g
    Pork Sausage (WWG) 454g
    € 11,95
    Out of stock
  18. Bo Vien Beef Meat Balls (Oriental Kitchen) 500g
    Beef Balls (OK) 500g
    € 7,75
  19. Heo Vien Pork Meat Balls (Oriental Kitchen) 500g
    Pork Meat Ball (OK) 500g
    € 7,35
  20. Frozen Peking Duck (Lucky Duck) 2.3kg
    Duck (LD) 2.3kg
    € 13,25
  21. Frozen Peking Duck (Lucky Duck) 1.8kg
    Duck (LD) 1.8kg
    € 10,50
  22. Frozen Thai Style Sausages (S. Khonkaen) 360g
    Thai Sausage (SK) 360g
    € 8,40
  23. Frozen Fermented Sausage Nem (S. Khonkaen) 180g
    Naem Sausage (SK) 180g
    € 4,75
  24. Vegan Clay Pot Stewed Mutton (Gourmet Vegi) 600g
    Vegan Mutton (GV) 600g
    € 8,95
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