Ruime keuze aan Aziatische spullen

Op zoek naar Aziatische spullen? Als liefhebber of voor het geven van een cadeau? De webshop van Dun Yong biedt een ruime keuze.


From incense to lanterns

From China to Indonesia, from Japan to Vietnam. From incense to brooms, at Dun Yong you can buy small and big gifts from the whole of Asia.

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  1. Tibet Incense Sticks 90pcs (Chan Leung Wing)
    Tibet Incense (CLW)
    € 4,95
  2. Sandalwood Soap (Bee & Flower) 80g
    Sandalwood Soap (BF) 80g
    € 1,50
  3. Yuen Po Joss Paper 100pcs
    Yuen Po Paper 100pcs
    € 7,50
  4. Lucky Red Envelope 10pcs
    Red Envelope 50pcs
    € 3,50
  5. Sea Coconut Cough Syrup (African Sea Coconut) 177ml
    Cough Syrup (ASC) 177ml
    € 6,40
  6. Natural Herbs Loquat & Honey Extract (Nin Jiom) 300ml
    Pei Pa Kao (NJ) 300ml
    € 9,25
    Out of stock
  7. Natural Herbs Loquat & Honey Extract (Nin Jiom) 150ml
    Pei Pa Kao (NJ) 150ml
    € 6,50
  8. Panax Ginseng Extractum 10pcs (Pine Brand) 100ml
    Ginseng Extract (PB) 10pcs
    € 4,20
  9. Essence of Chicken (Brand's) 420g
    Chicken Essence (B) 420g
    € 25,70
    Out of stock
  10. Karakuchi Gold Honjozo Sake Set (Masumi) 180ml
    Karakuchi Set (MSM) 180ml
    € 9,95
    Out of stock
  11. Ginseng Royal Jelly (Oriental Healthcare) 10x10ml
    Royal Jelly (OH) 10x10ml
    € 4,40
  12. Peking Royal Jelly 10x10ml (Oriental Healthcare) 100ml
    Royal Jelly (OH) 10x10ml
    € 4,90
    Out of stock
  13. Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar (Kim's) 6x75g
    Bird's Nest Drink (K) 75g
    € 49,31
    Out of stock
  14. Banlangan Beverage (Ge Xian Weng) 225g
    Banlangen Drink (GXW) 225g
    € 2,60
  15. Vietnamese Broom (Vinawang) 1pcs
    Vietnamese Broom
    € 4,50
  16. Lantern Red 24"
    Lantern Red 24"
    € 12,00
    Out of stock
  17. Lantern Red 22"
    Lantern Red 22"
    € 11,00
    Out of stock
  18. Lantern Red 20"
    Lantern Red 20"
    € 9,95
    Out of stock
  19. Lantern Red 16"
    Lantern Red 16"
    € 7,95
  20. Lantern Red 14" 1pcs
    Lantern Red 14" 1pcs
    € 6,95
  21. Peony Rose Incense 7" (On Tai Lung) 500g
    Peony Incense (OTL) 500g
    € 3,95
    Out of stock
  22. Head Band Black Gokaku Success HAB-7 (JP)
    Head Band Gokaku
    € 7,95
    Out of stock
  23. Joss Paper Clothing Set Man
    Paper Clothing Set Man
    € 5,50
  24. Longlife Incense 3pcs (Lei Daat) 100g
    Longlife Incense 3pc (LD)
    € 1,95
  25. Joss Sticks Man Bou Mei Yin 8.8inch G102-25 (Zhu Guang) 500g
    Incense MBMY (ZG) 500g
    € 5,50
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A Chinese drawing in your room and a lantern in the hallway

Would you like to gift a Buddha figure? Or are you looking for Asian decorations for your house? In our webshop you will find a diverse selection of Asian goods. You will even find joss paper, paper money or paper objects used in Chinese traditions. For Chinese and Japanese lanterns, ideal for home decoration, you can rely on Dun Yong. And for Asian souvenirs as well, like ceramics, fans and drawings. There is no lack of the Maneki Neko, the famous Japanese lucky cat statues with moving paw, at Dun Yong. In short, there is something for everyone.

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