Preserved food

Aziatische conserven, voor bij elk gerecht

Conserven heeft een negatief imago. Maar de kwaliteit van eten in blik gaat er alleen maar op vooruit. Dun Yong heeft prima producten in blik.

Preserved food

Our preserved foods: from seafood to vegetarian

Asians are very familiar with preserved food. From China to Indonesia. Think of seafood, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, vegetarian and other products. You will find them all at the Dun Yong webshop.

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  1. Lychees in Syrup (Asian Cuisine) 567g
    Lychees (AC) 567g
    € 1,95
  2. Soy Sheets Sesame 20pcs (Globe Gourmet) 88g
    Soy Sheets Sesam (GG) 88g
    € 12,34
    Out of stock
  3. Tamarin Me Chua Tamarind (Mumtaz) 454g
    Tamarind (MTZ) 454g
    € 3,35
  4. Fried Dace Black Bean (Yu Jia Xiang) 227g
    Dace Black Bean (YJX) 227g
    € 6,25
  5. Young Baby Corn (Asian Cuisine) 425g
    Baby Corn (AC) 425g
    € 1,13
    Out of stock
  6. Inariage Tofu Pouches 8x4cm 60pcs (Akaya) 900g
    Inariage (AKY) 900g
    € 12,45
  7. Soy Sheets Green 20pcs (Globe Gourmet) 70g
    Soy Sheets Green (GG) 70g
    € 9,51
    Out of stock
  8. Soy Sheets Orange 20pcs (Globe Gourmet) 70g
    Soy Sheets Orange (GG) 70g
    € 9,51
  9. Soy Sheets Pink 20pcs (Globe Gourmet) 70g
    Soy Sheets Pink (GG) 70g
    € 9,51
    Out of stock
  10. Soy Sheets Yellow 20pcs (Globe Gourmet) 70g
    Soy Sheets Yellow (GG) 70g
    € 9,51
  11. Takuan Pickled Radish Whole (Akaya) 500g
    Takuan (AKY) 500g
    € 2,85
  12. Misansho White Japanese Pepper (JP) 280g
    Misansho (JP) 280g
    € 25,71
    Out of stock
  13. Appelmoes (Nestor) 850g
    Appelmoes (NSTR) 850g
    € 1,54
    Out of stock
  14. Water Chestnuts Whole (Mount Elephant) 227g
    Water Chestnuts (ME) 227g
    € 1,60
  15. Kouhaku Hajikami Salted Ginger Sprout (Yutaka) 390g
    Hajikami (YTK) 390g
    € 10,95
    Out of stock
  16. Fermented Beancurd with  Rose (Wang Zhi He) 340g
    Beancurd Rose (WZH) 340g
    € 2,65
    Out of stock
  17. Coconut Gel in Syrup (Chaokoh) 500g
    Coconut Gel (CK) 500g
    € 2,50
  18. Lemon Grass from Fresh Stems (Thai Delight) 200g
    Lemon Grass (TD) 200g
    € 1,80
  19. Pickled Garlic Whole (Cock Brand) 454g
    Pickled Garlic (CB) 454g
    € 3,50
  20. Tenbi Umeboshi Sun-dried Pickled Plums (Asada) 800g
    Tsubo Ume (ASD) 800g
    € 25,95
  21. Ground Preserved Fish Sauce (Pantai) 345g
    Gr. Fish Sauce (PT) 345g
    € 3,60
  22. Goma Wakame Seaweed Salad MSG-Free (Akaya) 1kg
    Goma Wakame (AKY) 1kg
    € 7,75
    Out of stock
  23. Yeolmu Kimchi (Young Radish Leaves Kimchi) (Chongga) 500g
    Yeolmu Kimchi (CG) 500g
    € 5,05
  24. Ground Preserved Fish Sauce (Pantai) 730ml
    Gr. Fish Sauce (PT) 730g
    € 4,88
    Out of stock
  25. Pickled Red Chili Whole (Cock Brand) 454g
    Pickled Chili (CB) 454g
    € 3,20
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Preserved food goes well with salads or desserts as well

Preserved food can be used for Asian dishes like salads, stir-fry dishes or desserts. Think of lychees, pineapple, mushrooms, pickled cabbage, bamboo shoots, chickpeas and baby corn. Some ingredients for Asian recipes are only available as preserved or canned food. Those of you who like small clams or anchovies, can easily order them at our webshop. Preserved food, in cans, jars or vacuum packed, bamboo shoots and pickled garlic, fish and mango, you can find it all at our webshop. And what about pickled chili, pickled ginger or Japanese plums? Bring Asia into your house with our preserved food.

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