Snacks & healthy foods

Onze snacks zijn afkomstig uit heel Azië

Trek in een gezonde snack? Voor tijdens het werk? Als borrel? Of zomaar? Onze webshop staat vol met Aziatische snacks.

Snacks & healthy foods

From krupuk to seaweed snacks

Our snacks vary from the famous Indonesian krupuk to Japanese senbei rice crackers. But we also have specials snacks, like dried squid or Korean seaweed.

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  1. Fruit Jelly Mixed Passionfruit & Grape (Royal Family) 300g
    Fruit Jelly PG (RF) 300g
    € 3,90
  2. Fruit Jelly Mixed Mango & Lychee (Royal Family) 300g
    Fruit Jelly ML (RF) 300g
    € 3,90
  3. Grape Jelly (Royal Family) 160g
    Grape Jelly (RF) 160g
    € 2,15
    Out of stock
  4. Lychee Jelly (Royal Family) 160g
    Lychee Jelly (RF) 160g
    € 2,15
    Out of stock
  5. Mango Jelly (Royal Family) 160g
    Mango Jelly (RF) 160g
    € 2,15
  6. Passion Fruit Jelly (Royal Family) 160g
    Pas. Fruit Jelly (RF) 160g
    € 2,15
  7. Gummy Grape Jelly (Orion) 66g
    Gummy Grape Jelly (O) 66g
    € 1,45
  8. Daifuku Marshmallow Strawberry (Four Seas) 58g
    Daifuku Ichigo (FS) 58g
    € 2,80
  9. Creamy Candy (White Rabbit) 108g
    Rabbit Candy (WR) 108g
    € 1,75
  10. Daifuku Marshmallow Chocolate (FS) 58g
    Marshmallow Choco (FS) 58g
    € 2,80
  11. Pocky Iyashi Chocolate Milk (Pocky) 77.6g
    Pocky Iyashi (PK) 77g
    € 2,83
    Out of stock
  12. Soft Sesame Peanut Cube Candy (Vinawang) 250g
    Sesame Candy (VW) 250g
    € 2,15
  13. Sesame Cake Black (Nice Choice) 85g
    Sesame Cake Bl. (NC) 100g
    € 1,50
  14. Peanut Crisps (Pearl River Bridge) 136g
    Peanut Crisps (PRB) 136g
    € 1,00
  15. Peanut Cake (Nice Choice) 85g
    Peanut Cake (NC) 85g
    € 1,45
  16. Mini Coffee (Kopiko) 150g
    Kopiko (KPK) 150g
    € 2,20
    Out of stock
  17. Lucky Candy (Strawberry Flavour Candies) (Garden) 350g
    Lucky Candy (GD) 350g
    € 4,10
    Out of stock
  18. Ginger Candy (Sina) 56g
    Ginger Candy (S) 56g
    € 1,30
  19. Dried Potato Slices (Golden Lily) 300g
    Sweet Potato (GL) 300g
    € 3,25
  20. Sweetened Melon Bar (Golden Lily) 200g
    Sweet Melon Bar (GL) 200g
    € 2,21
  21. Special Sugared Ginger (Xin Xian Food) 250g
    Sugared Ginger (XXF) 250g
    € 3,85
  22. Lychee Flavour Candy (Hong Yuan) 350g
    Lychee Candy (HY) 350g
    € 2,55
  23. Mixed Peanut & Sesame Cake (Nice Choice) 200g
    Mix Nuts Candy (NC) 200g
    € 3,60
  24. Tamarind Candy (Golden Chef) 227g
    Tamarind Candy (GC) 227g
    € 1,50
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Asian snacks, with a drink or as a healthy bite in-between meals

Want to surprise your guests with something other than chips, cheese or peanuts? Then choose for some Asian snacks. Our snacks are from China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries. Asian snacks are famous for being low in fat. But they can also be used for an Asian dinner. Think of krupuk or emping to go with Indonesian rijsttafel (rice table), but they can also be had with drinks. Just like rempejeh and peanuts. For snacks at work we sell fruit snacks and cookies. We have a wide variety of authentic snacks. Too many to list here. Browse and discover!

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