Snacks & healthy foods

Onze snacks zijn afkomstig uit heel Azië

Trek in een gezonde snack? Voor tijdens het werk? Als borrel? Of zomaar? Onze webshop staat vol met Aziatische snacks.

Snacks & healthy foods

From krupuk to seaweed snacks

Our snacks vary from the famous Indonesian krupuk to Japanese senbei rice crackers. But we also have specials snacks, like dried squid or Korean seaweed.

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  1. Opak Pedis Cassava Krupuk (Udang Mas) 80g
    Opak Pedis (UM) 80g
    € 1,65
  2. Koala Strawberry Snack (Lotte) 49g
    Koala Strawberry (LT) 49g
    € 0,92
    Out of stock
  3. Koala Chocolate Snack (Lotte) 37g
    Koala Choco (LT) 37g
    € 1,13
  4. Haw Flakes 10pkt (Sunflower) 140g
    Haw Flakes (SF) 140g
    € 1,00
  5. Green Tea Mochi 6pcs (Royal Family) 210g
    Mochi Green Tea (RF) 210g
    € 2,85
  6. Green Pea Snack with Nori Wasabi Flavour (Hanami) 70g
    Green Pea Wasabi (HNM) 70g
    € 1,50
  7. Panax Ginseng Extractum 10pcs (Pine Brand) 100ml
    Ginseng Extract (PB) 10pcs
    € 4,06
  8. Ginger Candy (Sina) 56g
    Ginger Candy (S) 56g
    € 1,30
  9. Garlic Papads (TRS) 200g
    Papads Garlic (TRS) 200g
    € 0,95
    Out of stock
  10. Fortune Cookies Individually Wrapped 250pcs (Red Dragon) 2kg
    Fortune Cookies (RD) 2kg
    € 1,90
  11. Faja Lobi Hot Surinam Peanut Butter (Silvo) 350g
    Faja Lobi (SV) 350g
    € 4,60
  12. Essence of Chicken (Brand's) 420g
    Chicken Essence (B) 420g
    € 25,70
  13. Emping Melindjo (Udang Mas) 110g
    Emping (UM) 110g
    € 2,75
  14. Emping Belinjo Bitter Nut Crackers (Finna) 400g
    Emping Belinjo (FN) 400g
    € 5,35
  15. Dried Potato Slices (Golden Lily) 300g
    Sweet Potato (GL) 300g
    € 3,25
  16. Mooncake Lotus Paste 2 Yolks (Jin Xun Bao) 750g
    Mooncake Lotus (JXB) 750g
    € 15,42
    Out of stock
  17. Noriten Usushio Tempura Cracker (Daiko) 300g
    Noriten Salt (DK) 300g
    € 8,74
  18. Noriten Wasabi Tempura Cracker (Daiko) 300g
    Noriten Wasabi (DK) 300g
    € 9,95
  19. Taiyaki Fish-shaped Pancake 5psc (Fukuda Shokuhin) 500gr
    Taiyaki Cake (FS) 500g
    € 4,06
  20. Gim Jaban Seasoned Seaweed Snack (Sempio) 50g
    Gim Jaban (SMP) 70g
    € 4,10
  21. Seasoned Laver Cut 3pkt (Kwang Chun) 15g
    Seasoned Laver (KC) 15g
    € 1,55
    Out of stock
  22. Chestnut Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Chest. Ice Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 6,12
    Out of stock
  23. Sesame Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Sesame Ice Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 6,95
    Out of stock
  24. Green Tea Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Maccha Ice Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 7,10
  25. Mango Ice Cream Mochi 6pcs (Little Moons) 192g
    Mango Ice Mochi (LM) 192g
    € 7,10
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Items 76-100 of 183

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Asian snacks, with a drink or as a healthy bite in-between meals

Want to surprise your guests with something other than chips, cheese or peanuts? Then choose for some Asian snacks. Our snacks are from China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries. Asian snacks are famous for being low in fat. But they can also be used for an Asian dinner. Think of krupuk or emping to go with Indonesian rijsttafel (rice table), but they can also be had with drinks. Just like rempejeh and peanuts. For snacks at work we sell fruit snacks and cookies. We have a wide variety of authentic snacks. Too many to list here. Browse and discover!

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