Vegetables & fruit

Bij Dun Yong haal je Aziatische groente en fruit

Geen werelddeel als Azië met zoveel variatie in groente en fruit. Via de webshop van Dun Yong zijn ze makkelijk vers, gedroogd of in conserven te verkrijgen.

Vegetables & fruit

Asian vegetables and fruit: from pakchoy to papaya

Full of flavour, exotic, colourful and healthy. Asian vegetables and fruit are among the tastiest in the world. They will enrich any dish with their colours and flavours. Mainstays of many Asian recipes.

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  1. Burdock Gobo Root (CN) 1kg
    Burdock Gobo (CN) 1kg
    € 4,05
  2. Fresh Yam Cinnamon Vine (Wabu) 1kg
    Fresh Yam Cinnamon Vine (Wabu) 1kg
    € 7,15
    Out of stock
  3. Fresh Coriander Phak Chee (IS) 100g
    Fresh Coriander 75g
    € 2,30
  4. Fresh Enoki Golden Mushroom (CN) 100g
    Fresh Golden Mushroom Enoki (CN) 100g
    € 1,15
  5. Fresh Mint Sa Ra Nae (IS) 100g
    Fresh Water Mint Sa Ra Nae (Israel) 100g
    € 1,90
  6. Fresh Spring Onion (NL) 1bdl
    Fresh Spring Onion (NL) 1bdl
    € 1,60
  7. Verse Baby Mais Yumi Sun (KE) 125g
    Baby Corn (Khao Phod On) 100g
    € 2,75
  8. Fresh White Radish Luo Bo (NL) 1pcs
    Fresh White Radish Daikon (NL) 1pcs
    € 2,85
  9. Fresh Garland Chrysanthemum Leaf Tong Hao (NL) 300g
    Tong Ho (NL) 300g
    € 3,50
    Out of stock
  10. Fresh Choi Sum (NL) 400g
    Mini Pak Choi (NL) 400g
    € 2,90
  11. Fresh Shanghai Bai Cai (NL) 400g
    Shanghai Pak Choi (NL) 400g
    € 2,95
  12. Fresh Choi Sum (NL) 400g
    Choi Sum (NL) 400g
    € 3,95
  13. Fresh Chinese Mustard Greens Jie Cai (NL) 300g
    Chinese Mustard Cabbage Kai Choi (NL) 300g
    € 1,75
  14. Chinese Spinach Po Choi (NL) 300g
    Chinese Spinach (NL) 300g
    € 3,20
  15. Frozen Lotus Root Slices (Golden Turtle) 1kg
    Lotus Root Slices (GT) 1kg
    € 4,95
  16. Lotus Rootlet In Brine (Penta) 454g
    Lotus Rootlet (P) 454g
    € 3,45
    Out of stock
  17. Frozen Aragiri Wasabi Paste (Wasabi) 150g
    Aragiri Wasabi (WSB) 150g
    € 5,50
  18. Jackfruit in Syrup (Aroy-D) 565g
    Jackfruit (Aroy-D) 565g
    € 2,90
  19. Sliced Yuzu Zest (Kinjirushi) 100g
    Yuzu Zest (KJR) 100g
    € 8,60
    Out of stock
  20. Shio Aji Edamame (Nissui) 400g
    Edamame (NS) 400g
    € 2,45
  21. Frozen Monthong Durian with Seed (TH) 454g
    Frozen Durian (TH) 454g
    € 11,83
    Out of stock
  22. Fresh Red Chili Prik Chee Fah (TH) 100g
    Red Chili (TH) 100g
    € 4,50
    Out of stock
  23. Deep Frozen Young Coconut Klappa Muda (TH) 454g
    Young Coconut (TH) 454g
    € 3,65
  24. Frozen Laos Galanga Root (Asian Choice) 250g
    Galanga Root (AC) 250g
    € 1,50
  25. Edamame Soybeans Kernels (Akaya) 400g
    Edamame Kernels (AKY) 400g
    € 2,55
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Vegetables and fruit for salads and stir-fry

Asian beef salad with cucumber, red chili, lime and red onion. An eastern fruit salad with pineapple, mango, lychee and coconut jelly amongst other ingredients. Stir-fried Chinese vegetables like pakchoy, Chinese broccoli and young spinach. All these ingredients can be bought fresh, dried or preserved at our webshop. Just like the different types of mushrooms en herbs, like small green bird chili, lime, basil and acacia leaves. But other vegetables and fruit like papaya, string bean, lotus root and sweet tamarind are available in fresh, dried or preserved form at Dun Yong webshop. People looking for Asian vegetables or fruit come to our webshop.

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