Everything for hot pot

Everything for hot pot
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  1. Egg Tofu Tube (Unicurd) 300g
    Egg Tofu Tube (Unicurd) 150g
    € 1,70
  2. Beef Slices for Hot Pot (VET) 400g
    Frozen Beef Slices/ Bevroren Gesneden Rundvlees (NL) 400g
    € 6,50
    • None
  3. Lamb Slices for Hot Pot (VET) 300g
    Frozen Lamb Slices/ Bevroren Gesneden Lamsvlees (NL) 300g
    € 7,25
    • None
  4. Thin Black Angus Beef Slices for Hot Pot (DY) 500g
    Black Angus Hot Pot Vlees (HVC) 1x500g
    € 12,50
    • None
  5. Thin Slices of Lamb Meat for Hot Pot (DY) 300g
    Lamsbout Sukiyaki 1.5mm (HVC) 1x300g
    € 7,80
    • None
  6. Thin Pork Belly Slices for Korean BBQ (DY) 300g
    Speklappen (HVC) 1x300g
    € 4,25
    • None
  7. Hot Pot Soup Base Kimchi (Surasang) 200g
    Hotpot Kimchi (SS) 300g
    € 2,95
    Out of stock
  8. Laksa Hotpot Soup Base (Prima Taste) 179g
    Laksa Hot Pot (PT) 179g
    € 6,25
    Out of stock
  9. Hot Pot Base Plain (Little Sheep) 130g
    Hot Pot Base Plain (Little Sheep) 130g
    € 5,40
  10. Golden Steam Boat Hot Pot Pan 28cm
    Steam Boat Pan 28cm
    € 95,00
  11. Portable Gas Stove MS-2800 (Maxsun)
    Portable Stove MS-2800
    € 42,50
  12. Pure Sesame Oil (Lee Kum Kee) 207ml
    Sesame Oil (LKK) 207ml
    € 3,35
  13. Chinkiang Black Vinegar (Heng Shun) 250ml
    Black Vinegar (HS) 250ml
    € 2,20
    Out of stock
  14. Pure Black Sesame Oil (LKK) 207ml
    Black Sesame Oil (LKK) 207ml
    € 4,55
  15. Black Tiger Shrimps 16-20 HLSO (Jona) 1kg
    Shrimps 16-20 (JN) 1kg
    € 9,85
    Out of stock
  16. Greenshell Mussels Half Shell M (NS) 1kg
    Green Mussels (NS) 1kg
    € 13,95
  17. Lungkou Vermicelli Bean Threads (Golden Lily) 50g
    Vermicelli (GL) 50g
    € 0,50
  18. Thai Style Sukiyaki Sauce (Lobo) 260g
    Sukiyaki Sauce (LB) 260g
    € 2,40
  19. Superior Light Soy Sauce (Pearl River Bridge) 150ml
    Light Soy (PRB) 150ml
    € 1,30
  20. Soya Bean Curd Sauce for Sukiyaki (Pantai) 300ml
    Bean Curd Sauce (PT) 300ml
    € 3,00
    Out of stock
  21. Silken Tofu T01 (Unicurd) 300g
    Silken Tofu (UC) 300g
    € 1,65
  22. Mori-Nu Silken Tofu Firm Soyabean Curd (Morinaga) 349g
    Silken Tofu Firm (MN) 349g
    € 2,35
    Out of stock
  23. Sichuan Hot & Spicy Soup Base for Hot Pot (Lee Kum Kee) 70g
    Sichuan Hot Pot (LKK) 70g
    € 1,30
    Out of stock
  24. Sesame Sauce (jar) (Mee Chun) 225g
    Sesame Sauce (MC) 225g
    € 4,55
  25. Pressed Tofu T05 (Unicurd) 300g
    Pressed Tofu (UC) 300g
    € 2,65
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Items 1-25 of 57

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