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  1. Glutinous Rice Dumplings Osmanthus Flavour Tong Yuen 20pcs (Synear) 240g
    Tong Yuen Osmanthus (SYN) 240g
    € 4,25
  2. Glutinous Rice Dumplings Rose Flavour Tang Yuan 20pcs (Synear) 240g
    Tong Yuen Rose (SYN) 240g
    € 4,25
  3. Piggy Custard Steam Bun 10pcs (Synear) 300g
    Piggy Steam Bun (SYN) 300g
    € 5,25
    Out of stock
  4. Indian Style Roti Pancakes 5pcs Scallion Flavour (Synear) 300g
    Roti Scallion (SYN) 300g
    € 2,95
  5. Scallion Pancakes Hand Made 5pcs (Synear) 450g
    Scallion Pancakes (SYN) 450g
    € 3,45
  6. Karaage Japanese Panko Fried Chicken (Akaya) 900g
    Karaage (AKY) 900g
    € 11,50
  7. Yakitori Premium Charcoal Grilled Chicken 50pc (Akaya) 1.5kg
    Yakitori 50pcs (AKY) 1.5kg
    € 22,50
  8. Yakitori Japanese Charcoal Grilled Chicken 40pcs (Akaya) 1kg
    Yakitori 40pcs (AKY) 1kg
    € 15,50
    Out of stock
  9. Tatsuta-age Japanese Tempura Fried Chicken (Akaya) 900g
    Tatsuta-age (AKY) 900g
    € 11,50
  10. Layer Cake Original (Hekos) 570g
    Layer Cake (HKS) 570g
    € 10,65
  11. Layer Cake Pandan (Hekos) 570g
    Layer Cake Pndn (HKS) 570g
    € 10,70
  12. Chikuwa 4pcs (Akaya) 240g
    Chikuwa 4pcs (AKY) 240g
    € 3,50
  13. Ebi Fry 2L 55-56pcs (Akaya) 1kg
    Ebi Fry 2L (AKY) 1kg
    € 11,31
    Out of stock
  14. Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf Chicken 2pcs (Delico) 320g
    Sticky Rice Chkn (DC) 320g
    € 4,95
  15. Siu Mai Pastry 48pcs (Lee's) 960g
    Siu Mai (L) 960g
    € 11,05
  16. Roti Paratha Plain (Spring Home) 320g
    Roti Paratha (SH) 320g
    € 1,80
  17. Peking Duck Boneless (Lucky Duck) 581-640g
    Peking Duck (LD) 581g
    € 12,50
  18. Nem Chua Vietnamese Sausage (Oriental Kitchen) 200g
    Nem Chua (OK) 200g
    € 5,35
  19. Lap-Xuong Mei Kuei Lu Chiew Sausage (Oriental Kitchen) 500g
    Chinese Sausage (OK) 500g
    € 9,50
    Out of stock
  20. Gio So Mot Sausage (Oriental Kitchen) 500g
    Gio So Mot (OK) 500g
    € 7,00
  21. Gio Bi Sausage (Oriental Kitchen) 500g
    Gio Bi Sausage (OK) 500g
    € 5,55
  22. Fried Thai Fish Cake 10pcs (Daily) 175g
    Fried Fish Cake (DLY) 175g
    € 4,15
  23. Ebi Fry Gold Black Tiger 3L 10pcs (Akaya) 300g
    Ebi Fry Gold 3L (AKY) 300g
    € 5,91
  24. Yakitori without Sauce 40pcs (JapCook) 1.6kg
    Yakitori no Sauce 1.6kg
    € 28,00
    Out of stock
  25. Super Ochibisan Natto 4pcs (Kosugi) 140g
    Ochibisan Natto (KS) 140g
    € 2,83
    Out of stock
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