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Other snacks
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  1. Kit Kat Strawberry Cheesecake (Nestle) 104g
    Kit Kat Str.Ck (NSL) 104g
    € 9,50
    Out of stock
  2. Kit Kat Otana no Amasa Houjicha (Nestle) 135g
    Kit Kat Hojicha (NSL) 135g
    € 5,25
  3. Kit Kat Otana no Amasa Dark Chocolate (Nestle) 135g
    Kit Kat Dark (NSL) 135g
    € 5,25
  4. Kit Kat Otana no Amasa Maccha (Nestle) 135g
    Kit Kat Maccha (NSL) 135g
    € 5,25
    Out of stock
  5. Kit Kat Otana no Amasa Strawberry (Nestle) 135g
    Kit Kat Straw. (NSL) 135g
    € 5,95
    Out of stock
  6. Tandoori Naan Plain (Ashoka) 426g
    Naan Plain (ASH) 426g
    € 2,55
  7. Crispy Tiny Shrimp (Golden Lion) 200g
    Crispy Shrimp (GL) 200g
    € 5,40
    Out of stock
  8. Ebi Fry 3L 33-34pcs (Akaya) 1kg
    Ebi Fry 3L (AKY) 1kg
    € 12,85
  9. Taro Fish Snack Spicy Flavoured (Taro) 52g
    Fish Snack Spicy (TR) 52g
    € 1,95
  10. Taro Fish Snack Bar-B-Q Flavoured (Taro) 52g
    Fish Snack BBQ (TR) 52g
    € 1,95
  11. Serundeng (Kokki Djawa) 200g
    Serundeng (KD) 200g
    € 1,70
  12. Seasoned Cuttlefish White Muc Kho (BDMP) 50g
    Cuttlefish (BDMP) 50g
    € 3,50
  13. Seasoned Cuttlefish Spicy Muc Kho (BDMP) 50g
    Cuttlfish Spicy (BDMP) 50g
    € 6,20
  14. Sardines in Tomato Sauce with Chili (Mega) 155g
    Sardines Chili (MG) 155g
    € 1,15
  15. Faja Lobi Hot Surinam Peanut Butter (Silvo) 350g
    Faja Lobi (SV) 350g
    € 4,60
  16. Dried Potato Slices (Golden Lily) 300g
    Sweet Potato (GL) 300g
    € 3,25
  17. Sweetened Melon Bar (Golden Lily) 200g
    Sweet Melon Bar (GL) 200g
    € 2,21
    Out of stock
  18. Dreamy Pie 6pcs (Lotte) 198g
    Dreamy Pie (LT) 198g
    € 2,31
    Out of stock
  19. Soy Bean Cake (Ly Heng) 220g
    Soy Bean Cake (LH) 220g
    € 4,05
  20. Special Sugared Ginger (Xin Xian Food) 250g
    Sugared Ginger (XXF) 250g
    € 3,85
  21. Vegetarian Beef Slice (Gourmet's Vegi) 320g
    Veg. Beef Jerky (GV) 300g
    € 7,15
  22. Edamame Roasted Salted Soybeans (Savour) 100g
    Roast Edamame (SV) 100g
    € 1,50
  23. Magic Chili (Huang Fei Hong) 308g
    Magic Chili (HFH) 308g
    € 5,75
    Out of stock
  24. Hakka Pestle Cereal 14pkt (Greenmax) 490g
    Hakka Cereal (GM) 490g
    € 9,30
    Out of stock
  25. Red Bean Jelly (I-Mei) 320g
    Red Bean Jelly (IM) 320g
    € 5,85
    Out of stock
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