About Us

Dun Yong has been the Asian supermarket for over half a century

We started as a small shop in the heart of Amsterdam, the first Chinese supermarket in the Netherlands

Asia at your doorstep, that is our slogan. Since 1959, Toko Dun Yong has been the supplier of authentic Asian products. We started out with a small shop in the center of Amsterdam. Today, our Asian supermarket has six floors full of products such as drinks, fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs, meat, fish, kitchen utensils and tableware.

Family business

In 1959, Dun Yong started a small Chinese shop in the heart of Amsterdam to provide the local Chinese community with their daily products. The store is now run by the third generation, the brothers Kin-Ping and Kwok-Ming, are now at the helm and the company has grown enormously, but the authenticity has always been preserved.

Dun Yong supplies authentic and original Asian products

Whether for the store or for the webshop, Dun Yong has a large selection of Asian products. From Japanese rice to Indonesian layer cake. From Chinese tea to Korean dumplings. From incense to lanterns. We make sure that we are always aware of the latest developments, so that we can offer the best products. All our products are authentic and original. Whether it's a dish or a gift, with Dun Yong you bring Asia into your home.

‘From kitchenware to furniture. From tea to vegetables. We deliver authentic and original Asian products to your doorstep.'

Ambassadors of Asian cuisine

The Dun Yong team stands for reliability, service, completeness and sincerity. Through our shop we help everyone who wants to cook Asian food with real Asian products and ingredients. Our service is aimed at making it as easy as possible for the customer. To get a taste of real Asian cuisine you have to go to Dun Yong. Having grown, in addition to consumers, we have also been supplying restaurants and hotels. With our separate company Dun Yong Food Services, we are a catering supplier for Asian restaurants throughout Europe.


Our shop in Amsterdam is open seven days a week, so you can always come to us for your groceries. Don't live in Amsterdam or don't feel like lugging heavy bags around? Then order your favorite products in our webshop. From the online shop we deliver throughout the Netherlands and even Europe.

Dun Yong's Recipes

Our products provide the basis for almost every Asian dish. Do you want to get inspired to cook more Chinese, Thai or Korean yourself? Please take a look at our recipes. We add a new recipe every month, so you never run out.


You can also find fine non-food items at our store. We sell everything you need for cooking an Asian meal. From rice cookers in all shapes and sizes, to razor-sharp knives, chopsticks, steamers and baskets, woks and wok spatulas. We also sell beautiful tableware, but also Chinese masks, red envelopes and decorations for your home. Walk through the store to the higher floors, or look in our webshop.

Ramen Noodle Soup

In the 1970s and 1980s, there was a small eatery in Dun Yong called Yong Kee where we were the first to sell real Peking duck, roasted suckling pig, crispy pork belly, cha siu barbecue pork and wonton noodles. Now we have our lunchroom on the fourth floor of Dun Yong where chef Taka prepares Japanese ramen noodle soup. The tastiest ramen noodles with rich pork and chicken based broth. The vegetarian versions of the dishes are also very tasty. The chewy ramen noodles are specially produced for Dun Yong in Asia and complete the soup. Taka's ramen restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 12:00 and 16:30. We don't work with reservations, you can just drop by.