Over 40-years ago. Mooncake made in our Yong Kee Eatery. Finished, now just waiting to be packed into boxes, 4 each.

Mid-Autumn Festival and Mooncake

Aug 25, 2023K. Dun

The Mid-Autumn Festival is nearing, this year it will be on 29 September, the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar. It's the time of the year to celebrate the successful harvest of the rice or wheat crops. Families come together to celebrate and have dinner together and gift each other Mooncake packaged in beautiful boxes. In China you get about a week off so you can travel back to your family for this celebration, in Hong Kong and Taiwan though, you only get 1 day off.

Mooncake comes in many different kinds, the most common traditional one has an intricately designed thin cake-ish outer layer. The moulds to create these used to be carved in wood and each bakery of family creating them had their own name and design on them. The inside of the mooncake is filled with sweet lotus seed paste and usually have a salted duck egg yolk as well. This gives the mooncake a sweet taste with salty bits. Nowadays because we can, the mooncake are made more luxurious by using white lotus seed paste instead of yellow and they come with 2 or sometimes even 4 egg yolks. Modern types will forego the lotus seed paste and use other fillings like red bean paste, taro, maccha, custard, etc.

Which flavour do you like? Check out the different types of mooncake we have and try some.

40 years ago. Our pastry chef making mooncake

 Over 40-years ago. Our Yong Kee Eatery pastry chef making mooncake using the wooden mould.


Finished mooncake, just before they go into the oven
The finished mooncake before they go into the oven.

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