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Hot Pot
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iki beer box set
20 Bottles (5 Flavours) and 4 Glasses

Gramp's Favourite Pancakes

Scallion Pancakes

Spicy Goodness

Mapo Tofu

Always There

Miso Soup

About Dun Yong

Since 1959, Dun Yong has been supplying Asian products and ingredients to people in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Dun Yong was one of the first Chinese companies that was established at the end of the 1950's in the Netherlands and became the destination for everyone in Europe who had anything to do with Chinese cuisine. Dun Yong started on the corner of the Stormsteeg in the Nieuwmarkt area in Amsterdam with only 20m2, but has grown through the years with the help of her clients into not just a shop, but a concept. Dun Yong hopes to help the current generation and the generations to come with their need for authentic Asian ingredients and other products.

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