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  1. Black Sake Cup A1888W13 (WY)
    Sake Cup A1888W13
    € 1,25
  2. Black Sake Flask 120ml A1889W13 (WY)
    Sake Flask A1889W13
    € 2,95
  3. Turmeric Tea Bag 25pcs (HP) 50g
    Turmeric Tea Bag 25pcs (HP) 50g
    € 3,25
  4. Egg Cake Sachima (Nice Choice) 227g
    Sachima Cake (NC) 227g
    € 3,40
  5. Fresh Chinese Chives Blossom Jiu Cai Hua (CN) 200g
    Chive Blossom (CN) 200g
    € 2,95
  6. Fresh Chinese Chives Green Jiu Cai (CN) 100g
    Chinese Chives (CN) 100g
    € 2,90
    Out of stock
  7. Fresh Shiso Leaves (Shiso Green) 40g
    Fresh Shiso (SG) 40g
    € 4,15
    Out of stock
  8. Frozen Farm Fresh Curry Leaves (Ashoka) 100g
    Frozen Curry Leaves (ASK) 100g
    € 2,25
  9. Tiger Shrimp Whole 13/15 (IB) 800g
    Tiger Shrimp Whole 13/15 (IB) 800g
    € 25,00
  10. Xiao Mi Chilli (TYM) 50g
    Xiao Mi Chilli (TYM) 50g
    € 1,55
  11. Cinnamon Powder (TRS) 100g
    Cinnamon Powder (TRS) 100g
    € 1,60
  12. Madras Curry Powder Hot (TRS) 100g
    Madras Curry (TRS) 100g
    € 1,65
  13. Fennel Seeds Whole (TRS) 100g
    Fennel Seeds (TRS) 100g
    € 1,75
  14. Nutmegs Whole (TRS) 100g
    Nutmegs (TRS) 100g
    € 5,95
  15. Green Cardamom Whole (TRS) 50g
    Green Cardamom (TRS) 50g
    € 5,75
  16. Cashew Kernels (TRS) 100g
    Cashew Kernels (TRS) 100g
    € 2,75
  17. Popping Corn (TRS) 500g
    Popping Corn (TRS) 500g
    € 1,50
  18. Coriander Powder (TRS) 100g
    Coriander Powder (TRS) 100g
    € 1,10
  19. Garlic Powder (TRS) 100g
    Garlic Powder (TRS) 100g
    € 1,30
  20. Cumin Seeds (TRS) 100g
    Cumin Seeds (TRS) 100g
    € 1,80
  21. New Year Decoration Lantern 2pcs
    New Year Decoration Lamp 2pcs
    € 1,95
  22. New Year Decoration Hangers 6pcs
    New Year Decoration 6pcs
    € 2,95
  23. New Year Couplet 30cm 6pcs
    New Year Couplet 30x13cm 6pcs
    € 3,95
  24. Fu Decoration 28cm 20pcs
    Fu Blessing Decoration 28cm 20pcs
    € 3,95
  25. Cai Shen Blessening Poster 38x28cm 2pcs
    Cai Shen Poster 38x28cm 2pcs
    € 1,95
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Items 1-25 of 2540

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Dun Yong, the Asian supermarket especially for you

Do you want to prepare an Asian recipe and are you looking for authentic ingredients like sauces, herbs and spices? Are you looking for cookware like a wok, knives of pots and pans? Feel like a nice cold Asian beer?

Since 1957 people have been coming to Dun Yong for fresh, frozen and preserved food from China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and other Asian countries. Everything original and authentic. Both at our shop in the centre of Amsterdam as well as online. Clients from all over Europe know how to find us for our products as well as our service. Dun Yong brings you closer to Asia.

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